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*Made in USA

RadioPopper Einstein Receiver Module

The Einstein Receiver allows remote triggering and remote power control of the Einstein E640 light. Simply attach the Einstein Receiver to the port on the top of the E640 light and you’re all set.  The Einstein Receiver is powered directly from the E640 and is configured using the display on the E640.

The Einstein Receiver requires no batteries.  It provides stop accurate power control of the E640 light throughout its entire power range and may be assigned to one of 4 groups/zones.


  • No batteries required
  • Stop accurate power control of the E640 light when using a Jr2 Transmitter   (*note- NOT compatible with the DigiBees series)
  • Assigned to one of 4 groups/zones
  • Supports all 16 RadioPopper channels
  • Made in USA

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(1) Einstein RadioPopper Receiver

Note: A Jr2 Transmitter is required to control power levels of the attached E640 light, though it may be triggered by any RadioPopper Transmitter (Jr2, PX, JrX, Nano).

*** NOT compatible with the DigiBees Series.

For complete control of your Einstein lights, see our Jr2 Einstein Studio Set 

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