The RadioPopper Nano


Easy basic triggering of flashes and strobes with ultimate reliability and range.

The RadioPopper Nano
Nano Receiver
Nano Transmitter

The RadioPopper Nano is the easiest RadioPopper yet.  It is an extremely reliable basic radio trigger with the most powerful radio on the market.


This system is small and sleek. The Nano is designed to complement the contours of your camera.  It is unobstructive and small enough to fit in your pocket. The Nano is made of a high strength plastic blend making it extremely rugged.


The Nano’s powerful radio allows you to shoot in locations where other triggers fail. The maximum range in ideal conditions is over 1,750 feet!

The Nano uses touch sensitive button technology.  This significantly increases button life as there are no moving parts that can be susceptible to dirt and moisture.


The Nano has 4 channels, so you can have multiple photographers on the same location without interference.  The Nano is compatible with all other RadioPopper products on channels 1-4. To change your channel, simply double tap the channel button.


Tapping the power button will test fire your Nano and will also cause the Nano to indicate its battery level, with 4 lights being a full battery. Many battery saving features have been built into the product to ensure a long battery life.


To set up the Nano Transmitter, simply turn it on by pressing and holding the power button and lock it onto your camera’s hotshoe.  The Receiver is just as easy, either attach it directly to a flash with the integrated hotshoe or to any other flash via the 3.5mm sync port. The Nano Receiver’s hotshoe and sync port can be used simultaneously allowing a single Receiver to trigger more than one flash!


Right out of the box the Nano has everything you need to start shooting including a battery, standard sync cord and quickstart guide.

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